Friday, March 1, 2013

10 Most Anticipated Titles of 2013

10: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - PS3/360 
Needn't really say much to explain this being on here; game looks slick as can be, and anything from Platinum is pretty much a shoe-in for the most exciting, and well rehearsed, gameplay anyone could desire. I have always hated the MGS series for it's gameplay, but have very much admired the story and how expansive it is. This time, I'm very excited to actually be playing the game and experiencing the story, rather than just Wiki-ing it.

9:  Snapshot - PS3/PSV
There is about one game every year that makes me go crazy for a platform I don't own, and Snapshot in 2012 was that PC desire for me. Everything about this game, from the completely hand-drawn worlds and characters, express gameplay of "snapshoting" objects and creatures and placing them as you see fit, and the exciting, yet still calming, soundtrack has me just almost unnaturally excited to take on this title. I'm very eager for the Vita version, as this is one of those games, such as Sound Shapes or Little Big Planet, that I think is going to be tremendously boosted by the touch-screen capabilities.

8: Rodea the Sky Knight - Wii/3DS

No, this game is not officially announced for 2013 at all. But the game is already finished and has been so for over a year, so I'm thinking that this is the year they're going to make a call on what to do. No less, I'd be shocked if they just throw away an entirely completed Wii title just because they can't find, or can't percieve, an opening in the 3DS market. For so unique a game like this to come out of Sonic Team also, I just really cannot wait to explore everything it has to offer. Plus, I'm just a big fan of flying around as well-drawn characters (Gravity Rush

7: Tearaway - Vita

 From Developer Media Molecule (the guys behind Little Big Planet), Tearaway is looking to be the most formal, honourable and downright stellar use of the Vita and it's various capabilities yet. The whole thing is set in a world of paper, and everything acts in accordance to either the variables or physics of, well, paper! It looks strange, charming, adorable, and often utterly insane--- and it's going to be awesome!

6: Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe - PS3

This game probably would be higher if I had actually ever watched more than a single episode of Macross--- which was about a decade ago that I did see it. And it was Robotech; not an actual macross episode. Still, this game looks bad ass; classified as a "Flight Action RPG," Macross 30 is tying in the whole slew of several Macross series and offering what is a seriously intimidating level of content and customization. It looks wild, to say the least, and most importantly an absolutely erratic blast of sheer gameplay-based fun.

5: Soul Sacrifice - Vita

In Inafune, we trust!
As Comcept's breaking title on the Vita, it isn't far-fetched to say Soul Sacrifice looks to be the most amazing game the system is going to see for a long time, and possibly a shoe-in for "Best of" down the line. I already dropped some 15 hours into the demo before I just had to stop teasing myself; I just want the whole thing, and I want it now!

4: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus - Vita

This is a series that is pretty much built off the term "fan-service," and in particular the kind only the Asian markets get to enjoy. Young, super busty ninja girls, pretty much nude, battling each other to see who can destroy the others clothing before the other one does, and therefore win.
Yep. It's a pretty stimulating game, but Shinovi Versus is holding a lot more than just fanservice. Taking gameplay designs from the Dynasty Warriors series, Shinovi Versus features an incredibly lively and detailed anime-style alongside what is a mammoth list of playable characters that each have a separate, unique way of fighting. There's a ton of variety within this title, and as the Senran Kagura universe has now expanded from the initial 3DS title into an anime, 2nd 3DS game, manga, and now a Vita title, there is little doubt that Marvelous AQL want this series to succeed, and are going to present their very best with Shinovi Versus.
*By the way; out of all wacky online modes out there, I'm pretty sure Shinovi Versus wins; there's a "Panty Rain" mode, where panties rain from the skies and the goal is to collect more than your opponents. So as you're killing each other and sending off rapid Undressing/Tearing cut-scenes, you'll be collecting plenty of panties... it's like the best possible dream an eighth grader could ever have!*

3: Sei Madou Monogatari (Holy Sorcery Story) - Vita

Holy Sorcery Story is essentially a mix between Rogue games and Item-Shop games. The goal is to build the the magical curry, and you do this by setting out to find the four magical ingrediants nessecary. Naturally, these ingrediants are inside of dungeons and the innards of monsters, so as the surprisingly non-sexualized protagonist (this is a game from Compile Heart, afterall), a fail-out sorceress Pupuru, you do just that, all the while assisting a neighboring Curry Shop from going out-of-buisness.
There isn't too much known about this title yet, but no less it is my number 3 for the year. The small bits of gameplay seen in the trailer here really hit me well, and in particular I think the art-style is just some of the most approachable and "neighborly" I've ever seen. The concept is simple and nice, and this is a type of game I can just really see myself chowing down with and just straight enjoying.

2: Monster Monpiece - Vita

If you thought the above mentioned Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus was sexual, you don't even know how sexual it can actually get, and that's just what Monster Monpiece is here to do.
Before I acknowledge the novelty though, I want to say what this game is; Monpiece is a card game, that takes place on a 7x3 grid where the goal is to draw your cards directly into your opponents frontline, where you can than take out their actual HP. The overall rules of the card game are a bit harder to explain, but it's actually a somehwhat simplified card game that focuses on the bare fundamentals of card-battling to offer what is, while simpler, a more approachable gameplay that I, personally, think maximizes the aspect of PvP on a more social level. This is a big deal for me as I've actually been really wanting to get into card-battling games again, and to be honest the digital Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering games just intimidate too much. I did play both back when I was a kid (we're talking ten years prior), but there are so many new rules and additions that I genuinely am just not willing to learn them. Hence, I am really excited for Monpiece as it is essentially what I've been asking for.
But it is sexual. How sexual, you ask? Well, you literally masturbate your vita to power up your cards while a young monster moe girl cooes in pleasure. Yeah--- I know I can't convince anyone that that isn't why I'm interested in the game, but it is, also, one reason I am. I'm personally not bothered by anything like this; I just think it's creative and very funny for it's uniqueness and ingenuity, and I'm personally looking forward to undertaking a nice rub-job while on public transportation. Still, this isn't all that is sexual; the main story bears a lot of what made people uncomfortable with games like HyperDimension Neptunia and Mugen Souls, and there's essentially innuendo throughout the entire thing.
Still, the moment this game was announced I really just fell in love. The monster designs are great, the gameplay is exactly what I'm looking for, and the sheer level of creativity inside of this title is just wild. I already have my copy ordered and it's actually in delivery now, so I'll be sure to let you all know personal impressions when it arrives!

1: Killer is Dead - PS3/360

 I decided, after having played through the original No More Heroes, that if I were to ever get a novel published I would dedicate my book to Goichi Suda (Suda 51). The man's videogames are the very definition of creativity, and his ability to not be deterred by any creative restriction, whether logic or rationality or even the most ingrained of human sensibilities, is something I admire in the most complete sense. And what's wild is that outside of No More Heroes 2: Desparate Struggle, I actually didn't really enjoy any of his (localized) games gameplay-wise. No More Heroes' long, meaty segments between the main game were dull and boring; Shadows of the Damned was a generic third-person-shooter; Lollipop Chainsaw was a pretty broken/unsatisfying action-game, and Killer 7 was a game that, while I was fine with, didn't actually have "fun" with.
But that's gameplay-wise; in the whole view though, these are all my favorite games. In them each is just what is senseless, pure creativity, and it's untethered; anything is possible in Suda 51's games, and for it I'm essentially grateful. They're refreshing, inspiring, and to me offer what I enjoy most from videogames; immersion, and the ability to suspend any disbelief because of it.
Killer is Dead certainly looks to be Suda's most personal, capable title to date, and wields everything that makes his previous games enamouring alongside his own growth and maturity in game development. I truly cannot wait for this game--- I am just blown away by literally everything known about this game so far, and cannot even express my thoughts. Just can't wait--- can't!

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